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5 Captivating English Podcasts to Learn on the Go

Looking to brush up on your listening skills in English? Podcasts are the answer!

They are the best companion for those who are constantly going from one place to the other but still want to boost their linguistic skills. Whether you are commuting to work, doing the laundry, or cooking, you can have a nice time and some company while you improve your English listening to podcasts.

Here are some of our favourite picks to help you with that!


5 podcasts for learning English

Table Manners


This podcast is unapologetically British! Musician Jessie Ware and her mother cook a meal for celebrities, speaking about every subject you can think of under the sun as they do.

The language is informal, fun, and easy to follow while giving you a glimpse at the British way of life, particularly from a London perspective. Table Manners has just started its fourth series so you have a wealth of episodes (and celebrities) to choose from.

The Nigella Lawson episode is a great one to start with as the hosts try to find the best menu for the domestic goddess herself!


Why Is This Happening? With Chris Hayes

This podcast is ideal for anyone interested in the US, and all its democratic, societal, and media-related issues.

The host, Chris Hayes, interviews a range of writers, thinkers, and experts who delve into everything from the difficult political climate we live in, to the historical impact of the US around the world.

The pace is a little fast so this podcast might not be one for anyone with a level lower than pre-intermediate, particularly as there is no transcript to follow. But if you are looking for a way to keep your English current and would like a little specialist vocabulary along the way, definitely give this one a listen!

America’s Role in the World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi is a really good listen and refreshing perspective to start with.

5 podcasts to brush up on your English

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Unpopped is a factual look at pop culture covering the latest trends and important moments from recent history.

It is a great listen if you are wanting something that is both light-hearted and informative, that you can listen to without feeling like you are studying. Since it is a BBC programme there is a British take on things, though more international subjects are covered as well.

Youtube and Ubiquity is a nice introduction to the style of this relatively new podcast, discussing how the site became so popular as it looks at Youtube’s history and controversies.

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Here’s The Thing

Alec Baldwin hosts this podcast, and his voice seems like the perfect pitch and tone for anyone wanting to brush up on their English skills.

He interviews a range of people from many different walks of celebrity life for Here’s The Thing in front of a live audience, putting his guests at ease even if he asks difficult questions at times.

Because he is a celebrity himself, Baldwin can attract a great range of famous people, though it’s his interview technique and clear comfort interviewing that make these podcasts such a joy to listen to.

A great example of that is Maggie Gyllenhaal Knows What She Wants, where it feels more like we are eavesdropping on a conversation than listening to a recorded broadcast.


The English We Speak


Finally, if you want something quick to fit into your routine, The English We Speak is for you. Three minutes of English dedicated to either an English phrase or piece of slang, this podcast is short, to the point, and both informative and fun.

If you want a podcast that is designed specifically for English students before you branch out into those meant for native listeners, definitely start here. Something To Chew On is a great place to start, showing you how to use this phrase as well as explaining what it means.


Five great podcasts to begin your English podcast journey with! And once you are ready, you might want to take 1-on-1 English classes. Here at Listen & Learn, our teachers are all fully qualified native-speaking professionals hired for their experience and their passion for teaching.

So, if you want to take your English skills to the next level, place a quick enquiry now, and our friendly and highly knowledgeable customer service people are going to get back to you within one business day.