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Zulu Lessons in Adelaide

Thanks to our personalized teaching methodology, language learning has never been easier. You can take face-to-face Zulu lessons with us from the comfort of your home, in your workplace, or even at your teacher’s office! All you have to do is let us find you the best teacher in Adelaide and let us guide you to fluency.

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Zulu

Zulu lessons of this type are broader and are aimed towards students with a variety of requirements. While all beginner level students will cover survival Zuluneeded for short visits to countries where English isn't widely spoken, or if you wish to 'go local'those studying Zulu usually go in different directions at this point, depending on what they need. Those who have benefited from these Zulu classes have been those investing in or buying property overseas, those married to overseas nationals, people setting off on a round-the-world trip, enthusiasts for Zulu culture and those hoping to pass a specific exam in Zulu. Enquire now about our Zulu Courses.

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Zulu

The people who would benefit the most from these Zulu tutorials are those who feel they need to learn Zulu to help them out in their business lives. For starters, learning salutations and business etiquette is essential. Once these have been practised, then reading and writing lessons can begin. Typical studiers have been those involved in international imports/exports, negotiations and acquisitions, multinational companies requiring another language and those working in any way with international governments and relevant administration. Even our simplest lesson for beginners will have students finishing the lessons with basic telephone and e-mail Zulu as well as survival Zulu should a visit to the country be necessary. Enquire now about our Zulu Courses.

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Zulu

Those wishing to learn Zulu in groups of two or more together (Two-to-One Zulu Lessons or Small Group In-Company Zulu Lessons) can sign up for our group classes. All students must be at nearly the same level of Zulu proficiency, have the same needs from the language and must be able to study at the same time and place as the others. Bookings must be made for all students simultaneously. Listen & Learn does not suggest group sizes of more than 6-8 people, but In-Company Taster Zulu Lessons can occur with up to 12 people. Enquire now about our Zulu Courses.

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Zulu

Our native speaker qualified Zulu language teachers can train you and your colleagues at your office or home at a time to suit you. Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. In certain circumstances, if your home or office is not available, you can take your classes at the trainer's office. Course books are provided. Enquire now about our Zulu Courses.

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Zulu

Lessons in Zulu are also accessible for two or more people studying in tandem (Two-to-One Zulu Lessons or Small Group In-Company Zulu Lessons). All those involved must have around the same experience of the language, similar needs of areas of proficiency and must be able to meet at the same time and place. Bookings must be made for all students at the same time. Listen & Learn does not advise classes of more than 6-8 people, though In-Company Taster Zulu sessions can be run with as many as 12 people. Enquire now about our Zulu Courses.


From our clients all over the world

"The first lesson went very well. We covered a lot of the basic french in the first two hours. Brilliant! Thank you for your help."
Andres Sinclair

French course in Southampton.

"I chose Listen & Learn after researching the best way to learn a language. The approach fits with my lifestyle and offers a unique one-on-one experience."
Jenna Wade

Spanish course in Online.

"I've been in China, I used the stuff I have learnt and it was very useful!"
Philip Jarman

Mandarin Chinese course in Cardiff, International & Postgraduate Recruitment Officer, Swansea University.

"Lessons are always enjoyable and the convenience of taking the lessons at home ensures I can maximise my working time as I don't have to travel. Overall very pleased."
RotoMetrics International Limited

German course in Derby.

"The lessons have been going great so far and, more importantly, my teacher is very engaged and accommodating when I have had to reschedule a few lessons on short notice."
Ann Parente

Spanish course in Online.

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Pilar Vidal German in Melbourne
Having a teacher that got involved in my learning process and adapted to my interests and learning goals was the most important thing for me

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From our clients all over the world

Doorways Pty Ltd
Language learned: German in Melbourne.

Geoscience Australia
Language learned: English in Canberra.

Sanger Australia
Language learned: Portuguese in Sydney.