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Polish Lessons in Melbourne

Did you know that Melbourne has the largest Polish community in Australia? This makes it the ideal place in the country to master this wonderful language and enjoy the many benefits of being bilingual, such as a more active social life. In fact, according to the latest census, there are around 20,000 foreign-born residents who speak Polish living in the city, which means that if you start taking Polish lessons in Melbourne, you'll be able to put your language skills to good use at all sorts of fun events and make plenty of new friends. Learning the language is also a great way to connect with distant relatives and learn about your ancestors' customs and traditions, so if you're interested in getting in touch with your Polish roots, becoming bilingual is a smart choice. Additionally, speaking a foreign language like Polish can increase your chances of working abroad, advancing your career and travel more independently to one of the most interesting countries in the world. In short, if you're looking for ways to improve your life and access exciting new opportunities, start learning this fascinating language this year, and you won’t regret it!

Why Study Polish in Melbourne?

Learn Polish for Work and Travel

If you're looking to expand your career prospects and gain an edge in the job market, learning Polish in Melbourne can be an excellent way to do so. With a sizeable Polish community in the city, there are many exciting job opportunities available for bilingual speakers, including roles as associate animator, front desk clerk, and freelance translator/linguist. On top of that, many multinational companies, such as PKN Orlen, PGE, and Grupa Azoty, have operations in Australia and are always looking for talented employees who can speak Polish, so if you’re looking for a corporate position, mastering this beautiful language is exactly what you need.

Moreover, learning Polish can open up a world of travel opportunities, particularly to Poland and other parts of Europe. Being able to communicate in Polish can enhance your travel experience by allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture, customs, and traditions of the country. You'll also be able to connect with the locals in a more meaningful way and uncover hidden gems that you might otherwise have missed, like the Bialowieza forest, Lublin, the Lancut Castle, or the Bieszczady Mountains.

Learn Polish for Social

Polish culture is an important part of Melbourne's vibrant multicultural community, and the Polish 3ZZZ Broadcasting Group is a key player in promoting this rich heritage. The station is run by volunteers and broadcasts three hours per week in the Polish language, and it’s perfect for language learners who want to know more about the history of the Polish community in Australia. The station can be heard across the Melbourne metropolitan region, as far as Geelong to the west and Macedon to the north, and can also be accessed worldwide through internet broadcasting, so if you’ve never heard it you can check out their website, where you’ll find all their previous episodes. One of the advantages of listening to the Polish 3ZZZ Broadcasting Group is that they promote local festivals and events that celebrate Polish culture and their traditions, so if you don’t want to miss any of the upcoming cultural activities, and you want to listen to some of the best Polish music, don’t forget to tune in.

Learn Polish for Culture

If you're interested in expanding your social circle and connecting with like-minded individuals, learning Polish in Melbourne can open up a range of exciting opportunities for you. One popular event to attend is the Melbourne Language Exchange - Blue Studies Meetup group, which holds weekly gatherings every Thurdays at Diesel Bar, located at 202 Little Lonsdale Street, where you can practise your Polish and many other languages with native speakers and fellow learners. This group provides a relaxed and supportive environment to boost your conversational skills and meet new people who share your passion for Polish culture, so if your goal is to speak like a pro as fast as possible, don’t hesitate to attend.

Another great option is the Fluent Fast! Free Language Conversation and Exchange, a completely free language exchange event that offers learners the chance to put their skills to the test in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. They meet every week at The Joint, a local bar located at 35 Elizabeth Street, to chat in various languages, and enjoy some drinks together, so if you want to attend, all you need to do is join their virtual group and tell them you’re coming. 

Where to learn Polish in and around Melbourne?

Are you interested in finding Polish classes near you? If so, there are many institutions you can check out. For those who prefer a more traditional approach to language learning, the University of Melbourne offers a range of courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. In addition, there are several public libraries throughout Melbourne that provide access to Polish language materials, including books, CDs, and online resources, making it easy to practise your language skills on your own time.

However, if you want to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time, we recommend working with a private tutor. At Listen & Learn, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced Polish tutors who can provide personalised lessons tailored to your specific needs and learning style. Whether you want to focus on conversation, grammar, or vocabulary, we can help you achieve your language goals quickly and effectively. Plus, our flexible scheduling options mean that you can learn at your own pace, whether you prefer in-person lessons in your home or office. So why wait? Contact us today and take the first step towards becoming fluent in Polish!

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Polish

These lessons in Polish are wide-ranging by nature and are driven towards students who have a variety of differing needs. All beginner students will expect to study enough survival Polish to get them through a short visit to the country. Those who choose to continue with the lessons will progress differently, depending on their individual requests and requirements. Whether you are buying property in a foreign country, married to a foreign national, planning a round-the-world trip, interested in Polish history and culture or if you simply want to attain a particular level of Polish, this is the choice for you. Enquire now about our Polish Courses or Take A Free Polish Level Test

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Polish

These Polish Lessons are intended for people who really need to learn Polish to help make that difference in their work. For beginners, it will be useful to learn greetings and basic business etiquette; at higher levels, reading and then writing become more important. Typical students include those involved in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, jobseekers in multinational companies where an additional language is required, and those working with international colleagues, academia and government. Even in our most basic lesson for Beginners, students should expect to end the lesson with basic telephone Polish and Polish e-mail skills for communication as well as survival Polish required for short visits to a country. Enquire now about our Polish Courses or Take A Free Polish Level Test

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Polish

If there are 2 or more of you with the same level of Polish, the same goals sought for the language and be able to study at the same time and location, then you'll be happy to know that these Polish lessons can also be made available with Two-to-One Polish Lessons or Small Group In-Company Polish Lessons. Listen & Learn does not generally recommend classes with more than 6-8 people, though Taster lessons in Polish can run with up to 12 people. Bookings must be made for all participants at the same time. Enquire now about our Polish Courses or Take A Free Polish Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Polish

Our native-speaking qualified Polish teachers can instruct you and your group at your work or at home at a time most convenient for you. Classes can take place on any day of the weekeven weekendsmorning, afternoon or evening. If meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer's office. Study materials are supplied for you. Enquire now about our Polish Courses or Take A Free Polish Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Polish

Lessons in Polish are also accessible for two or more people studying in tandem (Two-to-One Polish Lessons or Small Group In-Company Polish Lessons). All those involved must have around the same experience of the language, similar needs of areas of proficiency and must be able to meet at the same time and place. Bookings must be made for all students at the same time. Listen & Learn does not advise classes of more than 6-8 people, though In-Company Taster Polish sessions can be run with as many as 12 people. Enquire now about our Polish Courses or Take A Free Polish Level Test

Top Tips For…

polish Songs


Na całych jeziorach Ty (On every lake, you) - Teresa Tutinas

An oldie but goodie, Na całych jeziorach Ty is a popular Polish song that will help you improve your command of the language while getting to know more about the culture. The song talks about the legend of the Masurian Lake, intertwined with a beautiful love story. The piece is a great resource to enjoy to become acquainted with Polish pronouns, like ty (you) or ja (I). You’ll also hear lots of everyday vocabulary related to forests and landscapes, like herbs (ziołach), animals (zwierzętach), birds (ptaków) or season (sezonie). Find the song here!

polish Songs

Chłopaki nie płaczą (Boys don’t cry)- T.Love

Rock fans who want to improve their Polish listening comprehension will find in Chłopaki nie płaczą a great option to put their skills to use. The song is about the perfect marriage that falls apart because the husband becomes obsessed with being perfect at work. So, you’ll discover useful slang terms, like dziewczyna (girlfriend) or panna (another word for girlfriend but more informal), and chłopak (boyfriend) or its more informal variations, like “typ” or “facet”. The song also features unique terms in Polish. For example, olać is an untranslatable verb used when a person doesn’t care about you. Enjoy this beautiful track here!

Dziwny jest ten świat (This world is strange) - Czesław Niemen

Protest songs are great resource not only to increase your vocabulary and improve your listening skills in Polish, but also to understand the history and culture of the Polish people. Dziwny jest ten świat is a protest song from the 1970s that talks about the re-organisation of Polish society after the Second World War and the inequality the people lived through during those times. This piece uses a wide variety of tenses, such as present perfect, the future and mixed conditionals, so it’s best suited for intermediate or advanced-level students. Keep the lyrics at hand and give this song a try! Click here to listen to this hit!


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Polish course in Dublin.

"The teacher and I are get on really well in many ways and is excellent at having a conversation and then picking out teaching points from that. This means I am learning words and phrases that I really use which is ..."
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