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Arabic Lessons in Adelaide

If you reside in Adelaide and have set your sights on learning a foreign language this year, why not embark on the remarkable journey of learning Arabic? This captivating language, spoken by approximately 370 million people worldwide, holds the key to unlocking a multitude of opportunities. Once you’re fluent, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Arabic culture as you connect with the local community of native Arabic speakers living in Adelaide and boost your skills as you make all sorts of meaningful connections, and learn interesting things about the different regions they come from.

But the benefits extend far beyond your immediate surroundings. Learning Arabic can also open the door for you to explore some of the most captivating destinations on Earth. Picture yourself strolling through the bustling streets of the Dubai, marvelling at the awe-inspiring beauty of Qatar, indulging in the vibrant colours and flavours of Morocco, or unravelling the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. By acquiring Arabic language skills, you will truly immerse yourself in these incredible places, experiencing them from an insider's perspective. Moreover, as you navigate through these remarkable countries, your proficiency in Arabic will grant you a deeper understanding of their cultures, enabling you to connect with locals on a more authentic level and forge unforgettable memories.

Are you ready for an extraordinary linguistic and cultural adventure? Then keep on reading, and find out all the most important reasons why you should learn Arabic in Adelaide this year!

Why Study Arabic in Adelaide?

Learn Arabic for Work and Travel

If you aspire to enhance your employability in Australia, learning Arabic is undoubtedly the path to follow. Mastering this language will open doors to all sorts of incredible job positions within top Arab companies operating in Australia, such as Saudi Aramco, DP World, or Arab Bank Australia. On top of that, if you own a business in the city, proficiency in Arabic will allow you to take advantage of the robust economic relations between Australia and the United Arab Emirates, and forge all sorts of useful professional connections with individuals from thriving locations like Dubai and other influential hubs, which can help you attract international clients and expand your professional reach.

If you enjoy travelling, you’re in luck, learning to speak Arabic is the smartest thing you can do. With its official status in 26 countries, this wonderful language will help you explore beautiful countries like Algeria, Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan. Once you reach intermediate or advanced levels, you’ll get to explore lots of amazing locations in these and other Arab-speaking countries, and discover some of their hidden gems that most tourists miss, so if you’re planning your next adventure in the Arab world, don’t hesitate to learn this language!

Learn Arabic for Social

Travelling is not the only way you can immerse yourself in Arabic culture, in fact, there are many fun activities in the city you can attend to learn more about the art, customs and traditions of various Arabic-speaking countries. The ALCASA institution, for example, organises all sorts of cultural events that are completely free and open to the general public. These include fascinating film festivals showcasing Arabic movies with English subtitles, interactive workshops where you can learn to prepare traditional cuisines from Lebanon, Syria, and other regions. Additionally, ALCASA hosts captivating art exhibitions and mesmerizing music concerts featuring acclaimed Arab artists visiting the city, as well as plenty of community events that are perfect to meet and bond with members of the local Arabic-speaking community.

Learn Arabic for Culture

One of the best reasons for studying a widespread language like Arabic is that it will allow you to talk to a lot of new, interesting people and have a more active social life. Even if you’re not planning to leave Adelaide anytime soon, once you’re fluent enough to have at least a simple conversation in the language, you’ll be able to attend some of the fun language exchange events in the city. These events are organised by fellow language enthusiasts and are perfect for those interested in boosting their conversational skills in a relaxed atmosphere while also socialising with people from different parts of the world. If you’ve never been to one of these gatherings, you can start by attending the Language and Culture Exchange, which hosts meetings in Adelaide and other parts of Australia. They usually meet at Lady Burra Brewhouse, a local bar located at 4 Topham Mall, and the way it works is you show up, you introduce yourself to one of the organisers, and then you’re introduced to other people who are either Arabic native speakers or are learning the language just like you. 

Where to learn Arabic in and around Adelaide?

If you're looking for face-to-face Arabic classes in Adelaide, there are many options you can check out. The University of Adelaide, which is located at 230 North Tce, has a great Arabic Studies department with plenty of courses at all levels that are perfect for students looking to take their academic career to the next level. Alternatively, if you prefer to work on your language skills alone, you can pay a visit to one of the local public libraries, where you’ll find many useful resources you can use to improve your vocabulary, or your grammar.

However, if your goal is to make progress fast, and you want the help of a qualified Arabic tutor, the best thing you can do is enrol in one of our courses at Listen & Learn. Depending on your particular needs and requirements, you’ll be matched with one of our experienced native tutors, who will tailor fun lessons that you can enjoy at home or office in Adelaide. Whether you want to learn Arabic to boost your professional life, or you want to learn some essential phrases that you can use on your next trip, contact us today and we’ll help you reach all of your goals in next to no time!

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Arabic

Arabic lessons of this type are broader and are aimed towards students with a variety of requirements. While all beginner level students will cover survival Arabicneeded for short visits to countries where English isn't widely spoken, or if you wish to 'go local'those studying Arabic usually go in different directions at this point, depending on what they need. Those who have benefited from these Arabic classes have been those investing in or buying property overseas, those married to overseas nationals, people setting off on a round-the-world trip, enthusiasts for Arabic culture and those hoping to pass a specific exam in Arabic. Enquire now about our Arabic Courses or Take A Free Arabic Level Test

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Arabic

These Arabic Lessons are intended for people who really need to learn Arabic to help make that difference in their work. For beginners, it will be useful to learn greetings and basic business etiquette; at higher levels, reading and then writing become more important. Typical students include those involved in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, jobseekers in multinational companies where an additional language is required, and those working with international colleagues, academia and government. Even in our most basic lesson for Beginners, students should expect to end the lesson with basic telephone Arabic and Arabic e-mail skills for communication as well as survival Arabic required for short visits to a country. Enquire now about our Arabic Courses or Take A Free Arabic Level Test

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Arabic

Two or more people can benefit from studying Arabic together as these Arabic lessons are also offered to groups (Two-to-One Arabic Lessons or Small Group In-Company Arabic Lessons). Every student must have the same degree of knowledge of the language, the same business or language needs and the ability to study at the same time and place as everybody else. The booking has to be made for all students at the same time. Listen & Learn does not advocate group sessions of more than 6-8 people, though Taster Arabic Lessons can be experienced by up to 12 people. Enquire now about our Arabic Courses or Take A Free Arabic Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Arabic

You and your colleagues can be trained by our native-speaking fully-qualified Arabic tutors at a time and location to suit you. Classes can take place any day, even weekends, and can happen in the morning, afternoon or evening. If the case may be that your home or office is not convenient, there is always the option to take your classes at the office of your teacher. Study books for the lesson are provided. Enquire now about our Arabic Courses or Take A Free Arabic Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Arabic

If there are two or more of you with the same level of Arabic, the same targets within the language and are able to study at the same time and location, then you'll be happy to know that these Arabic lessons can also be made available for Two-to-One Arabic Lessons or Small Group In-Company Arabic Lessons. Listen & Learn does not generally recommend classes of more than 6-8 people, though Taster lessons in Arabic can run with up to 12 people. Bookings must be made for all participants at the same time. Enquire now about our Arabic Courses or Take A Free Arabic Level Test

Top Tips For…

arabic Songs


“آه ونص” (Yeah and a Half)

“Yeah and a Half” is a song that follows the story of Nancy, a girl who tries to convince her lover to visit her. Put your Arabic into practice by listening to this song and see how the language is used in a real-life context. For example, the song features a lot of pronouns, such as ده (this—masculine), دي (this—feminine), and كده (like that), which are essential elements when communicating in Arabic. You’ll also become familiar with different Arabic varieties and pronunciations: one of the singers is Lebanese and the other one is Egyptian. Listen to this catchy tune here.

arabic Songs

“نور العين” (The Light of the Eye)

Want to fine-tune your listening skills and increase your understanding of the Egyptian dialect? Then, listen to ”The Light of the Eye”. This is a religious piece that praises God and His endless love, so you can acquire religious vocabulary, such as pray (salaa), the Qur’an (al-quran) or faith (al'iiman). Also, the tune is very catchy and the lyrics are easy to follow, so you’ll soon find yourself not only remembering the song but singing along to it using your new Arabic skills! Listen to this catchy tune here.

“The Sea Creatures Song”

If you’re just starting out with your Arabic course, it’s a great idea to listen to children’s songs to improve your vocabulary, comprehension and understanding of different accents. “The Sea Creatures Song”, for example, is meant for kids and helps them acquire simple vocabulary, like colours, letters and animals. This way, you’ll become familiar with terms like shark (qarash), blue (azraq) or octopus (akhtubut). Furthermore, as this piece is sung in formal Arabic instead of a particular dialect, you’ll be sure to recognise terms and expressions you learn in your lessons with Listen & Learn. Listen to this catchy tune here.

arabic Books



This is one of the most well-known textbook series to teach Arabic in the USA. While some of the vocabulary items selected by the writers seem a bit arbitrary, they don’t exclusively rely on rote memorization. Instead, the book includes a variety of tasks and activities based around real-life materials, like recipes, newspaper articles, or famous TV shows, to teach grammar and vocabulary. At the end of each unit, you will also find a “featured” section, where you will learn strategies to communicate with native speakers in different situations, such as holding a debate or writing a business email. Click here to know more.

arabic Books

Media Arabic

This is a great textbook for intermediate-level students looking for a challenge to improve their skills. The book follows an integral and communicative approach, using real-life resources and materials to help you learn Arabic. For example, reading comprehension activities usually revolve around short stories and newspaper articles, which are useful not only to learn formal aspects of the language but also cultural ones. Plus, you will find plenty of advice about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, with clear explanations and even English translations, as well as fun activities, such as crosswords or word searches. Buy the book here!

Alif Baa

Beginner students will benefit greatly from Arabic textbooks, such as Alif Baa. This introductory book that focuses mostly on how to read and write the Arabic alphabet. For example, you will find an array of dictation exercises for you to start associating pronunciation with each letter, including those characters and sounds that do not have an English counterpart. One reason this book is unique is that it does not only teach Modern Standard Arabic, but also some dialects, like Egyptian and Shami, so you can expose yourself to different varieties of the language from the very beginning. Click here and purchase the book.


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