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Did you know that Spanish is spoken natively in more than 20 countries in Latin America and Europe? If you plan to do business with them, visit family or even sit for an international exam in Spanish, we can help! Reach out to us at Listen & Learn and we will tell you more about our personalised online Spanish lessons.


What you will learn with us

Our courses are designed by professional, native-speaking tutors who will consider your level of proficiency and preferences when planning your lessons. For instance, you can choose, if you want, to listen to songs by great artists, like Shakira or Alejandro Sanz, or to learn by watching TV series, like La casa de papel or Elite. Either way, you won’t just memorise long lists of words or repeat phrases from old textbooks! Those who are just starting out will learn some basic phrases and vocabulary, like greetings and requests, so you can start to hold basic conversations from the very first class.


Learn the dialect you need

You can also choose the regional variety of Spanish you would like to learn. For instance, a t-shirt is called “remera” in Argentina, “playera” in Mexico and “camiseta” in Spain. Quite the difference, right? Don’t worry, your tutor will target your learning journey, so you acquire the vocabulary most relevant to your goals. And if you wish to acquire a more “general” Spanish, that’s also possible: your syllabus will be designed for you to acquire the skills to be understood wherever you go. Contact us today to get started!


Why take online Spanish lessons?

  • Flexibility. Our courses are completely personalised to suit your learning pace and busy schedule. In case you need to reschedule a class, you can do so with just one business day’s notice.
  • Possibility of recording the lesson to review it later. Plus, you don’t need a lot of complicated software or tools. Just download Skype to your computer or smartphone and you’re ready to start!
  • Study alone or in a group. We offer small-group sessions with up to 8 friends, co-workers or family members

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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Top Tips For…

spanish Entertainment


El Patrón del Mal - Netflix Series

This engaging series about drug dealer Pablo Escobar will have you at the edge of your seat for hours: you’ll never be bored throughout its almost 80 episodes! Based on the true story of this Colombian drug lord, “El Patrón del Mal” depicts Pablo Escobar’s story, from his days as a petty thief until he became the head of a drug-trafficking empire. This polemic production shows all the atrocities committed by Escobar during his life. If you are looking to improve your listening skills and pick up the Colombian accent, this is the ideal show for you. Read more about the series here

spanish Entertainment

El Secreto de sus Ojos - Movie

The award-winning film “El Secreto de sus Ojos” will leave you speechless. This gripping Argentinian crime drama is a tale of obsession, vengeance and, ultimately, love. The movie depicts a judiciary employee, portrayed by the talented Ricardo Darin, as he investigates a case of rape and murder. If you are looking to improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills, pick up some slang and even learn some Argentinian hand gestures, then this is the movie for you. You can give it a try, even if you are just starting with your Listen & Learn course, and watch it with English subtitles. Read more about the movie here.

Vida Latin Summer Festival

This is a free annual event that celebrates Australia’s Latino heritage in different cities, such as Melbourne or Brisbane. You will find live music, tango, batucada, cumbia, samba and salsa performances, food stalls with dishes from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Perú and Colombia, and workshops dictated in Spanish. Also, more than 20 DJs perform throughout the entire event. Why not attend and have a great time with your friends and family while learning more about Latin American cultures and traditions? Furthermore, you can get to know others who love the Spanish language as much as you. Find out more about the festival here.

spanish Youtube Channels



If you are looking for a Youtuber who talks about fashion in a fun, relaxed way, then Yuya’s channel is the one for you. The videos started by talking exclusively about makeup, but today they include topics like clothing, beauty and style. Soon, you’ll be picking up vocabulary related to styling your hair, like “peinar”, “rizar”, “planchar” and more! And don’t forget to access the comments section, where you will find a lot of text in Spanish and can ask the YouTuber specific questions about her videos. Click here to subscribe.

spanish Youtube Channels

Hey, Soy Priscilla

Listening to native Spanish speakers is crucial to increase your skills and understanding of different accents. And while it might be hard to find native speakers in the place you live, you can always watch YouTubers like Hey Soy Priscilla, an influencer from Mexico who talks about food, fashion and healthy lifestyles. She speaks very slowly and clearly, so a lot of her videos will allow you to capture her lip and mouth movements, making it easier to understand what she’s saying. And don’t forget, you can watch and rewind content to make sure you pick up some useful vocabulary! Check out her videos here!

Alex Tienda

Alex Tienda is a travel vlogger from Mexico who loves showing his followers all the fabulous places he visits around the world. Not only will you improve your Spanish skills, but you’ll also get to know more about the world and some amazing places to travel. You can also follow Alex’s Facebook page if you want to engage with his followers and practise reading in Spanish, too. He has an easy-going style and uses a lot of Spanish slang, so while it might be a challenge for absolute beginners, you can always use the subtitles to clarify any doubts. Check out this videos here!

spanish Sports


Knowing About Messi or Maradona Will Help You Learn Spanish

There’s no better way to achieve fluency in a language and develop your receptive skills than by watching or listening to something you enjoy. For example, are you a soccer fan? Then, you are in luck because soccer is one of the most popular sports in most Spanish-speaking countries, meaning you can literally follow hundreds of teams, ligas and players. Some of the most famous football players in the world are Argentinian (like Messi or Maradona), so it’s a great idea to learn some terms in Spanish (like “es una bestia” or “siempre elude la marca”) to bond with locals about their idols! Click here to know more about Messi!

spanish Sports

Regional Soccer Varieties

Are you visiting Spain or a Latin American country soon? Then, it would be a good idea to learn a bit about soccer. You will surely catch the locals’ attention by talking about their passion! For example, you’ll find millions of fans in Argentina or Colombia. But watch out: with soccer being so popular in Latin America, there is a lot of regional variation in the words and terms used to describe aspects of the sport. For example, a referee can be called árbitro or referí, the ball can be pelota, bola or balón and the football boot can be zapatilla, botín or bota. Click here to know more about Colombian soccer!

Take a Trivia to Test Your Knowledge

Would you like to know more about Spanish soccer vocabulary and facts? Then, you can take a trivia in Spanish to test your knowledge about the teams that play in La Liga. Some of the questions are related to the most popular stadiums around Spain, the players, and slang used to describe the matches. For example, did you know that the expression le dio una leña means that a player just fouled his opponent in a very nasty way? You can even share the results with your friends in your social media networks and show off how proficient you are in Spanish! Check out the trivia here!

spanish For Kids



Everybody loves songs, especially children, and they are great ways to acquire a language. So, why not try to help your kids learn new words and expressions by listening to songs in Spanish on sites like Rockalingua? There, you can find original songs designed to assist children in learning Spanish. Each piece comes with illustrations and lyrics, so they will soon be singing along to the tunes! Furthermore, nearly all of the songs are available for free, and there are related games and picture dictionaries your kids can access if you create an account as well. Listen to these songs here!

spanish For Kids

Dora la Exploradora

Dora la Exploradora (Dora the Explorer) is incredibly famous all around the world, airing in dozens of languages, including Spanish. This cartoon follows the adventures of Dora, a girl who loves embarking on quests with her friends. The characters (including the fox and the monkey) take some time during the episode to teach kids specific words and phrases. If you have pre-school-aged children learning Spanish, this is the perfect show for them to watch. You can stream the videos using Nickelodeon Jr.’s website, which also includes memory games and word searches to allow your kids to practise the vocabulary and structures they learn in the show. Check out Dora's videos here!

Spanish-Games .net

Thanks to online games, your children can learn Spanish without getting bored. Using websites like, they can reinforce grammar skills, improve their listening ability or learn to incorporate new vocabulary into their repertoire. Visit this site and you’ll find an array of games for children that can help them acquire the essentials of the language. These games are classified into different topics, like “Food”, “Family”, “School” or “Animals”. And the best part is that you can switch between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish, so your kids can study the dialect that’s most useful to them. Click here to start playing with your kids.

spanish Comedy


El Día de la Bestia

Are you looking to supplement your Spanish learning with fun activities you can do in your spare time? Then you should watch El Dia de la Bestia, a comedy that is today considered a cult Spanish movie. It’s a very peculiar Christmas story in which a priest thinks he has discovered a secret message about the coming apocalypse. By watching this hilarious movie by Alex de la Iglesia, you’ll not only laugh but also learn a lot about Spanish culture and slang terms, which will be useful when you interact with native speakers. Read more about this hilarious movie here.

spanish Comedy

Kiki, el Amor se Hace

Undoubtedly, being entertained while learning positively influences our foreign language development. Our brains pick up new words and structures very easily because of the fun and relaxing context. So, why not take advantage of this and watch good Spanish comedy to increase your listening skills while learning about the language’s cultures and some useful conversational phrases? One great movie to watch is Kiki, el Amor se Hace, where you’ll observe 5 interconnected stories that take place during a summer in Madrid, where the protagonists explore their capacity to love and be loved in a very fun, entertaining way. Learn more about the movie here.

El Otro Lado de la Cama

El Otro Lado de la Cama is a fun Spanish comedy you must watch if you are a fan of the genre. This is a very successful musical comedy that follows different couples being unfaithful to each other in hilarious situations. Emilio Martínez-Lázaro is the director of this movie that describes love and human relationships in a natural fun way, without any prejudice. The actors that perform in this comedy come from different regions of Spain (like el País Vasco or Galicia), so watching it will help you to improve your listening skills and comprehension of different accents as well. Click here to know more about this hilarious film.


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