Did you know that almost 250 million people speak Portuguese in the world and that most of them are based in Brazil and Portugal? If you plan to enter these markets professionally, intent to relocate, or simply want to sing along to axé or samba music while understanding the meaning of the lyrics, learning Portuguese is a smart decision. Contact us at Listen & Learn and we will prepare an online course just for you!  


What you will learn with us

Our native-speaking tutors will design tailor-made online lessons that suit your needs and requirements, so you can start studying Portuguese regardless of your age, location or level. For instance, absolute beginners can start by learning basic phrases and expressions, like greetings (olá, oi, bom dia), requests (alguem podería...?) or saying thank you (obrigada/o). You will also learn more about the grammar of the language, such as the inflection of nouns for gender and number. Once you advance to the higher levels, you’ll continue with a personalised programme that we will adapt to your preferences.


More reasons to learn Portuguese

And if you’re still undecided, consider that Portuguese is a Romance language that descends from Latin. As such, it’s a linguistic sister to French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian, making them much easier to acquire once you’re proficient in Portuguese!


Why take online Portuguese lessons?

  • Fun, motivational & flexible lessons. Your tutor will include interactive materials, like games, TV series, film clips and songs, so you never get bored! Plus, as nobody has to commute to take the class, you can reschedule with just one business day’s notice.
  • Individual or group sessions available. You can decide if you prefer to study alone or in small groups with up to 8 co-workers, friends or family members.
  • Professional support. Our IT agents are here in case you need help to download, run, and test Skype (or other software) for your online Portuguese lessons.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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