There’s no better time to learn Mandarin Chinese than today. After all, it is the most spoken native language in the world: acquire the language and you will be able to communicate with more than a billion people around the planet. You’ll find Mandarin Chinese especially useful if you’re planning to enter the Chinese market or look for a job at an Asian or international company because only 1% of the Chinese population is fluent in English.


What you will learn with us

Get started with Mandarin Chinese with us at Listen & Learn and soon you’ll be fluent enough to hold basic conversations! Mandarin can be a bit challenging to learn for English speakers because it’s a tonal language. This means that the same syllable can be pronounced with many different tones to change the meaning of a word. For instance, saying “ma” with a falling tone means “to scold”, while saying with a rising tone means “hemp”.  But don’t worry: you’ll never find yourself in an embarrassing situation with the help of our native-speaking instructors!


How will your lessons be structured?

Our courses are completely personalised and tailored to your needs and are suitable for students of all ages and levels, so don’t hesitate to enrol, even if you have never uttered a syllable in Chinese before. If that’s the case for you, we’ll get you started with a Survival Mandarin course, where you’ll learn simple phrases and techniques to start communicating in the target language from the very first class.

You’ll also increase your knowledge of grammar, pronunciation and culture while improving your skills in a fun and motivational manner. Our instructors always use real-life materials, like TV series, songs or novels. More advanced students will acquire the language with a tailored course that suits their level and preferences.


Why study Mandarin online with Listen & Learn?

  • Our lessons are flexible. Our instructors don’t have to commute, so they can be far more flexible when rescheduling classes than with face-to-face lessons.
  • Record your class and review it in the future.
  • Receive technical support to download, install and test Skype for individual lessons or other software for group lessons.
  • Possibility of taking individual or small group lessons (please consider that the maximum number of people allowed per group is 8).

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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