Japanese can be a challenging language to learn, especially for English speakers. Not only does it use completely different writing, but also it uses complex pronunciation and a grammar system that bears no resemblance to that of English. But don’t worry! Study Japanese with us at Listen & Learn and you’ll achieve fluency in a short time, while also having fun in the process! Our native-speaking instructors have a flexible approach, so they will design an online Japanese course to consider your needs and preferences.


Who can study Japanese with us?

You can start an online Japanese course with us regardless of your current language level. For instance, advanced students can fine-tune their pronunciation and increase their vocabulary with our tailor-made lessons. Your tutor will always take into account your preferences when planning the classes, so you can acquire the language by watching Anime or great Japanese movies, listening to J-pop or even reading manga. Whatever you want!



What will you learn with us?



Meanwhile, if you have never studied Japanese before, you can begin with our Survival course, where you’ll learn all the basics and skills you need to hold simple conversations. Plus, you’ll start getting used to the cadence and sounds of the Japanese language. Contact us today and get started with a fun and motivating online Japanese course!


Why take online Japanese lessons?

  • Our online courses are much more flexible than our face-to-face sessions for one simple reason: nobody has to commute. Thus, you can reschedule your lesson with just one day’s notice.
  • You can choose to study on your own or in small-group sessions with friends or family. Please note that the maximum number of people allowed per group is 8.
  • You don’t need advanced equipment or complicated software. Just download Skype and get started with your Japanese lessons!

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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