Are you moving to a German-speaking country in the near future? Planning to do business with Austria or Germany? Do you need to sit for an important exam in German and need some help? Contact us at Listen & Learn to know more about our online German lessons! They are fun, interactive and personalised, so you can learn the language at your own pace and time.


What will you learn with us?

Regardless of your level, our tutors will prepare a tailor-made programme that suits your needs and level. For instance, if you’re an absolute beginner, you will get started with Survival German, where you’ll learn basic expressions and grammar to start communicating from the very first class. You will learn to express greetings (halo, guten tag), requests (Können Sie mir helfen?) and even affection (Ich liebe dich).

Regardless of your level, you’ll learn using real-life materials, like songs or TV series, so you always feel engaged and motivated to learn more German! Sign up for an online German course today and soon you’ll be fluent enough to hold conversations with almost 100 million people who speak the language worldwide.


Why take an online German course?

  • You won’t waste time commuting to study German. Take your lessons from the comfort of your home or even your bed.
  • As your teachers don’t have to commute either, you can reschedule with just 1 business day’s notice.
  • You only need a stable Internet connection and a smartphone or computer with Skype to get started.
  • You will receive full technical support, in case you need it, to download, install or run the software you will need to take your lessons.
  • You can study alone or in small, closed groups with up to 8 friends or co-workers.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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