English is one of the most spoken languages today, used as a lingua franca all over the world. Being proficient in English, then, will not only broaden your professional horizons, but it will also enable you to socialise with people from different countries and even enjoy thousands of movies, TV series and songs produced in English. Contact us at Listen & Learn and we will prepare online English lessons just for you.

What will you learn with us?

Everybody can sign up for our English courses, regardless of their level of proficiency. If you’ve never taken lessons before, you’ll get started with Survival English, where you’ll learn basic vocabulary and grammar and start to develop your speaking and listening skills from the very first class. For example, our native-speaking teachers will plan lessons around real-life materials, like TV shows or songs, so you get familiar with the cadence and pronunciation of English as soon as possible.

Once you’ve reached an intermediate level, you will continue studying with a personalised programme designed by your instructor. In general, you will acquire more complex grammar and vocabulary, learn how to speak in different contexts (interviews, debates, presentations, etc.), put your writing skills into practice (emails, letters, brochures) and more. Get in touch with us today and start learning!

Why take an online English course with Listen & Learn?

  • You don’t waste time. As you don’t have to commute, you won’t be wasting precious time going from one place to the other. Just turn on your computer or smartphone and get started!
  • You decide if you want to study alone or with friends. Just bear in mind that the maximum number of people allowed per group is 8.
  • You will get technical support in case you need help to download, run, or test Skype.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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