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When you start to learn a foreign tongue you slowly come to realize that even simple little words and expressions which you take for granted need to be learned over again. One of the most exciting things about languages is that they show how the people who live in that culture view the world and react to different situations. People from different parts of the world don’t use the same word when they hurt themselves, for example, and you will be amused to see what alternative word you need to use. Actually, hopefully you will never need to use it but you know what we mean.

Whether you stub your toe in Latin America or bump your head in Asia, this game will show you how to react and what to say. It is a great complement to your Portuguese lessons in Dallas and can make sure that you learn Chinese in Houston with a smile on your face. If you want to take English Lessons in New York you will find that it leaves you better prepared for anything unexpected that might happen as well.

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