Paul Mains

Top Italian Survival Phrases


With its beautiful architecture, rich history, and delicious food, Italy is a popular destination for vacationers. Whether you’re traveling to Italy for business or leisure, learning a few basic Italian phrases will make your trip go much more smoothly. Here are some essentials for anyone who plans to spend time in an Italian-speaking country. Before(…)

Top Dialects of the Dutch Language


Dutch is most commonly spoken in the Netherlands, and is the nation’s official language. However, Dutch is also spoken natively in Belgium, and even in the South American country Suriname. As a result, the world’s 20 million native Dutch speakers speak several different dialects, which differ importantly from one another. Here’s a list of some(…)

Top Dialects of the Japanese Language


Japan is a small but densely populated country: with over 800 people per square mile, it packs its 127 million inhabitants into a small space (by comparison, the United States has a density of only 85 people per square mile). And given Japan’s connected, urban nature — over 90% of the population lives in cities(…)

Top Dialects of the Russian Language


Russia is a huge country: it’s the world’s largest nation in terms of area, and spans two continents. And with a population of nearly 150 million, it’s one of the top ten most populated countries in the world. Given Russia’s vast size, you might expect that there would be significant dialectal variation in the Russian(…)

Top Dialects of the Swedish Language


With just 10 million native speakers, Swedish is a relatively small language. It’s also quite new: 1000 years ago, a unified version of Swedish didn’t exist, with pockets of people across Scandinavia all speaking a local tongue. It wasn’t until Sweden was unified around 1100 CE that a standard version of the language emerged. Still,(…)

9 Surprising Facts About the Swedish Language


Despite being the fifth-largest country in Europe, Sweden is sparsely populated, with less than 10 million inhabitants. Still, despite its modest population, it has greatly influenced the rest of the world, from the catchy tunes of Swedish band ABBA to the world’s largest furniture retailer to the invention of the meatball. But beyond “Dancing Queen”(…)

9 Surprising Facts about the Turkish Language


Turkey is home to some of the earliest advanced civilizations in human history, with highly developed cities that date back to 7000 – 6000 BCE. Nowadays, Turkey is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with over 30 million visitors per year. But despite its rich history and thriving tourism, the English-speaking world tends not(…)