Heather Keagan

Difficult Languages, Big Payouts


In today’s economy, it’s difficult to get any kind of edge in the job market. It seems like the only way to get some experience is to get a job, and the only way to get a job is to have a tonne of experience. While trapped in your grandma’s basement, waiting for your ship(…)

The Last Speaker on Earth


You may not generally think about how many people speak your language unless you find yourself in a situation where you’re surrounded by people who speak a different language than your own. Whether it be in the middle of a market in Jaipur, or arguing with a tuk tuk driver in Phnom Penh, you start(…)

Your Guide To Eating in Japan


Japanese food can be intimidating to those uninitiated with all of the things it has to offer. Never fear, for we have a breakdown of standard Japanese fare and what to expect from a Japanese meal. Here’s a guide to the basics of what Japanese cuisine has to offer, so you can start to explore(…)

Tips to Politely Navigate Your Next Meal in Japan


In a culture with quite a few rules that you may not be familiar with, the thought of dining Japanese-style may seem daunting. Never fear, as we’ve complied a list of helpful etiquette tips to get you through a Japanese meal without losing any face, and maybe even impressing your fellow diners! Show respect for(…)

How to Survive an Italian Wedding: Do’s and Don’ts For the Big Day!


Got an Italian wedding to go to and no clue on what will happen? We’ve got you covered with our list of do’s and don’ts to help you survive any big, fat, Italian wedding. So you’ve been invited and you’ve sent in your RSVP, but what happens next? What should you wear? What will the(…)